Culinary Chronicles Unfold

Discover Daruma Tavern through the lens of the media as our culinary prowess takes center stage. With features in respected publications like 8 Days and Eatbook, our bistro has been celebrated for its innovative fusion, craft beers, and inviting ambiance. Read what esteemed critics have to say about Daruma Tavern’s culinary journey. From articles that spotlight our signature dishes to in-depth reviews capturing the essence of our craft, the media has recognized our commitment to delivering an exceptional dining experience.

8 Days Magazine takes its readers on a tantalizing expedition into the heart of Daruma Tavern, revealing the culinary treasures that have earned this beer tavern its rightful place among Yishun’s gastronomic gems. We are grateful for this writeup and their recognition on our food and service. Read more here takes its readers on a delectable journey through Daruma Tavern, an exploration that transcends the ordinary and delves into the heart of this culinary haven. The comprehensive review provides an in-depth look at the bistro’s offerings, inviting food enthusiasts to indulge in the rich tapestry of flavors. Read more here.

Through the lens of Eatbook, readers are transported into the heart of Daruma Tavern, where innovation meets tradition, and every bite tells a story. The article serves as an enticing introduction, inviting gastronomes to immerse themselves in the flavors and ambiance of our hidden gem. Read more here.


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